Photography may become a hobby of your life

Some people say photography is an art or at least a craft, some that it is just a job. Whatever the truth is, no one can imagine the world without photographies. Thanks to them, and photographers of course, we are able to see things, people, objects and views, we could not see otherwise.
Watching photos may be breathtaking and fascinating, but making them is even more interesting. When we watch them, we have no choice but see the world in a way photographer wants us to see. When we make them, we can see the world in our own way. It is up to us to choose point of view and capture the reality in a different way.

Making photos may seem to be not very interesting when we look at it from aside. But when we start, when we engage and totally indulge, photography may become a really fascinating hobby. And become an art in the end. We can even turn occasional family shooting into an outstanding activity.
When we become photographers it is us who make people watch the world in a certain specific way. We can capture moments and views that will not be visible never again. And we watch the world as it changes, and people as well, as they change through the years. Photo archives become actually priceless then, as no other person has this specific shot.
While planning to turn shooting photos into a serious hobby, one has to take into consideration it may become a pretty expensive activity. And time-consuming too. But it is definitely worth it. A photo that is appreciated by others is an excellent prize.